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Cris Aguilar - General Manager

Manager, A/C Parts Expert, compressor, condenser, radiator, drier, expansion valve, hose repair, tools, chemicals, ac diagnosis, and more

We know that our industry has a reputation of overcharging and up-selling unnecessary auto parts and services.  At AAPAK Coolstream we won't just throw parts at the problem. 

Our trained technicians strive to provide you 

with the right solution

Rey Lopez - Parts Technician

A/C Parts expert, compressor, radiator, condenser, drier, expansion valve, hose, tools, chemicals, ac diagnosis and more

Our goal is to build a trusting relationship with each and every customer we serve. 

Your Local Tucson AC Parts Specialists

          YES!     We Deliver     YES!

AAPAK Coolstream is a locally owned 

A/C Auto Parts Warehouse that has 

been serving the Valley since 1999.  

We are one of only a few providers 

who still offer complete aftermarket 

in- and under-dash air conditioning units in support of our large classic car community.

YES! We offer FREE DELIVERY to shops 

all around Tucson. Call Today!


AC Parts In Stock!

fittings, compressor rear head, manifold assembly, poa valve, gasgets, o-rings, orings, service port, adaptors

We are the largest  A/C Specialty Warehouse in both Tucson and Phoenix. Our inventory includes a full line of A/C Auto Parts, from Compressors, Condensers, Chemicals, Tools, Accessories, Hoses and more! Call and see how we can help! 520-918-3604

AC Refrigerant & Chemicals

refrigerant, freon, R12, 134A, R1234yf

United States Clean Air Act

Effective 1/1/2018 Certification is required to purchase certain refrigerants. The fastest way to obtain a Section 609 certification is to take the online test.


Purchase of any R-12, or R134a and R1234yf cylinders require certification.  

R134a and R1234yf 8oz cans are still available for purchase without 609 certification.

R-12,  R134a, or R1234yf.  We have what you need. Not certified to purchase  refrigerant? Click on the link below and get your 609 certification

Custom AC Work

condenser, hose, fittings, ac install, ac repair, ac service

We offer customized solutions to meet most every need. We will build hoses to your specification, create customized fittings,  replace bearings and clutches ... We can help you find a solution even if your vehicle has never had A/C before.  Not sure what refrigerant you need? Let us show you how we can help you get through the Tucson summer  in cool comfort.   Questions?  

Call us today!   520-918-3604


– Robert C

 Finding an experienced ac parts store that knows anything about older systems is tough to find. However, we found what we needed at Coolstream. Very knowledgable staff and they had some key, hard-to-find components that were needed for “ol’ betsy”. 

– Gil Sanchez

 Coolstream counter help very helpful always good customer service never had a problem quick and easy to buy your parts for the AC of your Auto thank you cool stream 

– Steve Sage

 Great source for auto air conditioning parts+salespeople very helpful. 

- Jorge Bastidas

 they have everything for a/c all in one place 

- Ron or Betty Anderson

 The people there are really there to help.  We could not find the hose and ends we needed any where but they built it for us.
Very happy.